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Travel Tip: Using the Art of Conversation While Booking a Hotel Room

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hotel deskOther than getting a great room rate, a great location and, of course, safety and security, what’s important to you while staying at a hotel?

Free Internet connectivity, in-room lighting, and the opportunity to be able to see inside the room are negotiable, but not online.

Have a conversation with the hotel before you agree on a room rate. Ask if they’ll throw in free WiFi.

Then ask if they’ll install a power surge multi-outlet extension cord.

The result will be less crawling around looking for an inconvenient wall outlet.

Last but not least, ask for two additional floor lamps in the room.

These days, many hotels have been cutting down on the light bulb wattage as well as the number of lights in the room.

If you don’t ask, you’ll get trapped by mood lighting whether you like it or not.

It’s just one phone call before you book the room, and it will make a big difference in your stay—free WiFi, no more crawling around, and the ability to see (and think) more clearly in your room.

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