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Travel Tip: Major U.S. Cities to Add 33,000 Hotel Rooms

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hotelIf you believe in the law of supply and demand (and how it affects price), and if you happen to be traveling to Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago, then 2017 might be your time to get a great hotel deal.

This year will see more than 33,000 hotel rooms in 10 separate markets in the U.S.

In what city might you get the best deal?

New York, which will add more than 8,600 new rooms this year.

That’s a 6.4 percent increase in the last year.

Chicago will get more than 2,000 additional rooms.

The other cities with huge increases in room supply are Washington, D.C., Orlando, Atlanta, Phoenix, and San Diego.

The inevitable—and good—result for travelers is that the average rate for each room will come down.

Hotels will begin to compete on things that go beyond just the room rate and will include better amenities—and the promise of better service.

This may also mean that hotels outside city center locations could be lowering their rates as well.

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