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Travel Tip: Hotel Rates in International Cities Get More Affordable

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Image Credit: Courtney Crockett

Image Credit: Courtney Crockett

What are the world’s most affordable cities?

For the first time in recent memory, based on the average daily rate of a hotel room, things are looking up for travelers in many destinations around the globe.

In Brussels, the average daily room rate has dropped to just $86.

In Dubai, it’s $106.

In Milan, hotel rates have dropped more than 11 percent and now average just $125/night.

In Central America, there’s been another drop.

Panama City dropped nearly seven percent to an average hotel room rate of $90/night.

But there are some other surprises.

A room in Paris is now 8 percent less than the average cost of $226/night.

Even Zurich, one of the more traditionally expensive cities, is more attractive. Rates have dropped 7 percent and are averaging about $226/night.

Remember, these are just averages and many hotel rates are going to be even less.

It’s a good time to travel.

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