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Travel Tip: Some of the Craziest Items Seized by the TSA

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Image Source: The TSA Blog

Image Source: The TSA Blog

Most air travelers remain concerned about which items they can carry on the plane that won’t violate security rules.

This includes everything from pocket knives, scissors, nail clippers, and even staplers.

Most of those are—unsurprisingly—prohibited by the TSA.

You might think that more than 15 years after September 11th, travelers would be aware of the no-nos.

So it always comes as a shock to see the list of items seized by the TSA at security checkpoints each year.

There’s everything from chainsaws to sabers to baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire to hockey sticks to live smoke grenades to loaded spear guns and barbells.

But we’re not talking about isolated incidents involving just one or two of these items each year.

We’re talking about enough to supply a hardware or sporting good store. It’s absurd.

At the same time, some confusion still remains about additional items that might surprise you, like apple or pecan pies or peanut butter.

The TSA still considers these items liquids and will seize them. Perhaps they can cut the pies later, using confiscated chainsaws, to make individual servings!

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