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Travel Detective Blog: Visiting Istanbul After Nightclub Shooting

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Over the weekend, just a few days after the shooting, I stopped at the makeshift memorial in front of the Reina nightclub.

Image Credit: Lisa Blake

Image Credit: Lisa Blake

It was just a few days after the tragic shooting left 39 people dead and scores wounded. It was a chilly, rainy day in this historic city, made all the more cold and damp by the somber scene in front of the nightclub. But Istanbul remains one of my favorite cities in the world.

Image Credit: Lisa Blake

Image Credit: Lisa Blake

During times like these, I’m reminded that the worst four-letter word starting with “f” is fear, and I refuse to be governed by it. Instead, I will be back in Istanbul in the next few weeks. The city (and its people) needs us for support. At the same time, we should send a message to the world that these acts of terrorism will not deter our life, lifestyle, our culture, or our freedom of expression.

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