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Travel Tip: Have a Fear of Flying? These Aids Might Help

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Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

Are you afraid to fly? A surprising number of people report they are still terrified of flying, despite the best 15 years of aviation safety in history.

In fact, the odds that you’ll die in a plane crash in the United States or Europe are about one in 11 million.

But fear of flying is still a recognized stress ailment, with many folks feeling nauseated or claustrophobic on airplanes.

However, there are some treatments available.

Check out Fear of Flying, FearlessFlight, or the Fear of Flying Clinic for helpful hints and therapy sessions.

Occasionally, airlines will offer a fear of flying class, complete with a graduation flight.

For those who just want to be entertained, check out an app called Am I Going Down?

You punch in your airline, your aircraft type, and your destination, and you get an instantaneous readout on your specific chances on that airline, that aircraft, and that destination.

But using that app has yet to stop me from getting on a plane.

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