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Travel Tip: What You Should Know About ATM Skimming

atmHave you ever heard of ATM skimming?

It’s a financial crime aimed at travelers who use ATMs, and skimming is a way for criminals to gain access to your ATM card’s black magnetic stripe information and your security pin.

That leads to open access to your bank account.

The crooks attach a hidden card reader to an ATM, which transmits that information separately—to them when you are making your transaction.

Between 2014 and 2015, skimming cases rose by 546 percent.

There is one piece of good news.

Credit and debit cards embedded with chips are cutting down on skimming.

But there’s also something you can do.

When traveling, don’t use independent ATMs.

Instead, use ATMs located at or inside recognized banking institutions.

At the same time, monitor your account online more frequently to detect any unusual withdrawal activity, and ask your bank to put a daily withdrawal amount limit on your account.

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