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Travel Tip: Travel Apps You Can Use on the Road

citymapper2It’s time to celebrate my favorite new travel apps.

First, a shout out to Delta. Its app doesn’t just list airline schedules.

It tells you all about your flight during the flight. If you checked a bag, it confirms that your bag was loaded on the same plane that you’re flying.

Even better, when getting off the plane it counts down in real time when the bag will hit the conveyor belt…and it works.

I also like citymapper. It’s an app that tracks public transportation to warn you of delays, traffic, etc.

One of my favorites—since I love to read when I travel—is Pocket. This app helps me collect news stories and other feature articles for later reading.

Longform, like its name implies, does the same thing for longer feature stories, both in print and in online publications.

These two news gathering and storage apps are perfect for when your airline app tells you that your flight is delayed.

Now you have some great backup reading.

For more information about travel apps, check out:

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