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Travel Tip: CHIIC Destinations for 2017

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Image Credit: Adriana Padilla

Image Credit: Adriana Padilla

So, what might be the hot new destinations for 2017?

At the World Travel Market in London, the most popular destinations for next year are dubbed CHIIC.

That stands for China, India, Iceland, and Cuba.

New airline service and ease in visa requirements are responsible for the boom in China.

There’s now airline service in seven additional cities—other than Shanghai and Beijing.

In Cuba, there’s a relaxation of travel restrictions by the United States.

Eight U.S. airlines are now flying there on scheduled service.

India’s etourist visa has made getting there so much easier—especially for last-minute travelers.

In Iceland, competition between Icelandair and WOW has generated discounts and free stopovers en route to or from European destinations.

That means you get to go to Iceland and they throw in other destinations at a very low price.

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