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Travel Tip: Websites that Can Help You Save on Hotels & Airfare

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hotel2Are you looking to save money on both hotels and airline tickets when you  travel?

Two new services are offering innovative ways to beat hotels and airlines at their own game by using existing rooms or flight reservations.

Have you ever heard of a site called Dayuse?

The reason behind the site is simple: 70 percent of hotel rooms are empty during the day, so it’s offering rooms at those times at a substantial discount.

It’s basically a daytime hotel booking platform selling hotel rooms at 75 percent less than nightly rates.

Then there’s something called Air Mule.

Companies that need to ship items immediately—as in same day or next day international—contract with Air Mule.

Air Mule then contacts you, uses part of your baggage allowance on those flights, and pays you $500 for your efforts.

It’s a great way to cut down on ticket costs.

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