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Travel Tip: The Rules Change for Smoking on Cruise Ships

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Image Credit: Nathan Forget

Image Credit: Nathan Forget

For many years, smokers who couldn’t light up in airplanes or hotels had at least one last point of refuge—cruise ships.

And that freedom didn’t just apply to the passengers, but the crew as well.

Even when some cruise lines started to impose smoking restrictions in 2012, including not being able to smoke in individual cabins, many cruise lines still allowed special smoking areas on board.

Now the smoking restrictions have become tougher.

Carnival, Norwegian, and Disney have now banned smoking on cabin balconies.

If you get caught there’s a fine of $250 on many cruise lines.

If the cruise line determines your cabin has to be cleaned or fumigated, you’ll be charged for that as well.

Some European cruise lines still allow smoking, but all U.S.-based cruise lines essentially ban it.

So take a deep breath—if you can—and enjoy your cruise.

The cruise line will like it, your wallet will like it, and the other passengers will appreciate it.

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