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Travel Tip: What the Cruise Industry Boom Means for You

20160716_133507The cruise ship industry is exploding.

Virtually every shipyard in the world is now operating at 100 percent capacity.

There’s also a new record: 56 cruise ships of every size and pedigree are being built.

What does that mean for you?

More choices of ships, more choice of itineraries.

Cruise ships now call in more than one thousand ports around the world.

With that new capacity, there’s an opportunity for cruise discounts on some of the older ships.

The big ships are, well, getting even bigger.

Meanwhile, the smaller ships are getting more luxurious.

The newest ship, the Regent Seven Seas Explorer, was just christened in Monaco.

This 750-passenger high-end beauty has set her own record.

She has the largest cruise ship cabin of any ship afloat, at nearly 4,000 square feet.

The cabin even contains its own spa treatment area.

Then, there’s the price tag: $10,000 a night.

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