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Travel Tip: What You Should Know About Travel Scams

hotel2The travel scam offers on the internet are still out there.

The lure of a free or deeply discounted trip is powerful and seductive.

It’s all part of a technique called fishing—an attempt to collect private information to sell to identity thieves.

The offer will almost always feature the name or recognizable logo of a well-known hotel chain, airline, or travel-related brand.

Every time you receive something in the mail or online that offers free travel, Google the address.

If the address doesn’t match the company’s official address, it’s a scam.

If any of these offers ask for a processing fee to claim your travel prize, they’re scams.

If you’re offered a free resort stay but must process your air travel through the contest office, that’s a definite scam.

If the word “prize” is mentioned or you’re told you’re a winner, there’s a more than 90 percent chance that if you respond, you’re a loser.

Never use a credit card to pay for anything until you can verify that the company featured in the offer is even aware of it.

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