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Travel Tip: How Drunk Travelers are Affecting Flights

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Visitor7

It seems that more and more flights are being diverted unexpectedly, due to unruly passengers on board.

In almost all cases, the reason for the bad behavior was alcohol.

Turkish Airlines is now considering banning alcohol on all of its flights to and from Russia.

The proposed ban comes after a series of bad incidents.

Last year, there were 28 flights on Turkish where drunk and unruly passengers confronted flight attendants or started fights with other passengers, which often resulted in wrestling in the aisles.

Other airlines are considering similar bans, but the problem does not stop with serving alcohol on planes.

The real issue could be alcohol sales at airport bars near departure gates.

Short of putting breathalyzers at the entrance to jetways, flight attendants report a continuing increase in already-drunk passengers boarding planes.

In the near future, look for some airports to ban alcohol sales before, during, or after major sporting events in their cities.

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