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Travel Tip: Survey Finds Out How Travelers Really Feel About Flying

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Image Credit: Douglas Paul Perkins

Image Credit: Douglas Paul Perkins

Are you a nervous traveler?

One recent survey found out how travelers really feel about flying.

Do you worry about air safety, flight delays, or bad weather?

It turns out that 85 percent of flyers say they are anxious about all of these potential problems.

The fears also get very specific.

Forty-one percent say they worry about the pilot being unable to fly the plane.

I think they have seen too many movies.

About 39 percent say they are still worried about hijackings, although that number has essentially flatlined in the past 20 years.

More passengers are concerned about the landing than the takeoff.

Twenty-eight percent of women surveyed said they pray at some point during the flight.

Meanwhile, 15 percent of men said they deal with their fears by drinking.

Some results are not surprising.

More people are worried about flying over water than flying over land.

Here is the most interesting result: 95 percent of the respondents said that they trust the flight attendants, but only 92 percent said that they trust the pilots.

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