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Travel Tip: Apps You Can Use the Next Time You Rent a Car

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carGet ready for some high-tech apps the next time you rent a car.

There are wireless hotspots, apps that track the mechanical health of your vehicle, and charging stations inside the cars.

There’s even an app that lets you make voice-activated reservations at hotels, restaurants, and movie theaters.

Avis has an app that works with the Apple Watch, letting you email yourself a car receipt and retrieve car reservations from your wrist.

There’s also Record360, an app that tracks vehicle damage before, during, and after your rental.

It’s protection (we hope) that won’t saddle you with someone else’s damage bill.

Then there’s DropTag DRIVE, a sensor that is essentially the car’s black box, recording all the parameters of the vehicle’s performance—which is especially useful in the event of an accident.

Now we need an app that lowers the outrageous price of gas if the rental company has to refuel the car when you return it.

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