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Travel Tip: Questions to Ask Before Booking an All-Inclusive Resort

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resortIn a world of increasing nickel and diming by airlines, hotels, and resorts, the term all-inclusive certainly sounds attractive.

In theory, all-inclusive means you pay only once and it includes your accommodations, meals, alcohol, and activities on your vacation.

But if you don’t read the fine print—if you can even find it—you might be going to your wallet…a lot.

Make sure you know exactly what is and isn’t included in the base rate.

Accommodations: What kind of room?

Meals: At which restaurants? Is there anything you can’t order on the menu?

Activities: Which are not included?

Beware of the dreaded asterisk in all-inclusive brochures.

For example, on one Caribbean all-inclusive brochure, you’ll see the words “Unlimited Golf” followed by an asterisk.

You’ll see the next asterisk on the bottom of the very last page of the brochure, and that is where you learn the truth.

Yes, you can play as much golf as you want—as in the word “unlimited.”

But you’re going to pay for it!

Before you ever book at an all-inclusive resort, get on the phone and talk to them.

Come up with a mutually agreeable definition of terms or your all-inclusive could include disappointment.

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