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Travel Tip: New Ways to Transfer Your Hotel Reservation

hotel2We’ve all heard about nonrefundable airline fares.

But what happens if you have a hotel reservation that the hotel considers nonrefundable?

Welcome to the brave new world of hotel resale websites—services that will let you unload the room to someone else who doesn’t want to pay a higher last-minute rate.

Websites such as Roomer Travel and Cancelon are popping up, offering to broker your “distressed” inventory.

This is allowing travelers to avoid losing their money entirely or paying cancellation fees or penalties.

It also helps smart travelers get last-minute discounts on rooms that hotels might not be offering during the peak periods of high season travel.

This is especially helpful during large conventions or sporting events, where bigger blocks of rooms are held, but many aren’t used.

The hotel will tell you it’s sold out, because it technically is. But thanks to these new websites, that may not actually be the case.

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