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Travel Tip: Which Airlines Have the Most Award Seats Available?

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airportWhen it comes to frequent flyer awards from the airlines, some seats are, well, freer than others.

Some airlines are downright stingy when it comes to rewarding you for all those miles you’ve earned, and others are more generous.

Some of the best frequent flyer programs are—not surprisingly—the ones that don’t restrict you in any way from seat availability.

So which are the best airlines for mileage awards?

The optimum way to measure this is to find out which airlines have at least some seats available on all of their flights.

Topping the list is Southwest Airlines and Air Berlin, at 100 percent.

JetBlue has award seats available on 92 percent of its flights.

Then the numbers drop.

On United, only 72 percent of flights have award seats.

Delta has 68 percent, and American has 54 percent.

These numbers don’t mean you’ll always get the frequent flyer award seat you’d like on the flight you want.

But it might help you figure out which airline rewards program you should choose.

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