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Travel Tip: What Current Gas Prices Mean for Your Summer Road Trip

drivingAre you taking a road trip this summer?

You’ll enjoy the cheapest gas prices in 12 years, with estimates of $2.04 per gallon nationwide.

That’s 59 cents less per gallon than a year ago.

On trips under 400 miles, the lower fuel prices make it easier. This is especially true if you’re traveling with a friend or your family, and can calculate the pocketbook pain of driving versus flying.

In almost all cases, driving wins.

This is specifically true—for the first time in more than a decade—for owners or renters of RVs.

Last year, sales of RVs hit an all-time high, thanks to lower fuel prices.

This year, it’s the RV rental market that’s becoming more popular.

In the end, it’s a numbers game.

If there are two or more people in a car traveling under 400 miles, then drive.

The same goes for four or more people in an RV. It’s a no-brainer.

Of course, don’t forget to learn how to drive that RV, or one overly-tight right turn could easily wipe out your savings.

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