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Travel Tip: What Happens When Your Rental Car Breaks Down?

bigstock_Car_Park_at_Airport_16217993When renting a car, the agent at the counter will often pressure you to purchase a liability waiver in case you damage the car.

But what if your rental car breaks down and the damage ISN’T your fault?

Blown tires, windshield damage, a dead battery, etc. are all possible scenarios when you’re on the road.

Unfortunately, the way a rental car agency handles the situation varies. Many of them are franchised or independently owned, and there is no umbrella rule.

This means YOU could be responsible for getting the vehicle repaired.

In other situations, the rental company might allow you to swap the car for a functional one. But you could be responsible for getting it towed in the first place.

With no standard set of rules to work with, your best defense is a good offense.

Inspect your car ahead of time, and not just for dings and scratches. Drive it around the area to see how it feels, how it sounds. If there are any red flags, bring it back and ask for another vehicle.

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