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Travel Tip: United Airlines Promises Better On-Time Performance

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airportEvery airline likes to boast they are the on-time carrier.

We all know those claims mean nothing if you’re on a flight to Cleveland and it’s three hours late.

Now, one airline that has spent the last three years at the bottom of the punctuality list is making another claim.

United Airlines is now guaranteeing its business flyers that they will arrive on time.

But what is the airline doing to back that up?

It’s telling its top corporate customers it will be as reliable as Delta or American, or the flyers get credits for upgrades or baggage fees.

By the way, Delta made the same pledge last summer.

Last year, Delta gave out credits that could be used to pay fares.

United’s deal is a weaker one, offering only credits toward upgrades or to offset baggage fees.

But United’s interpretation of on time is more strict: it will only count flights on time if they arrive on time or beat on time schedules.

Delta measured its on-time performance if a plane landed within 14 minutes of scheduled arrival.

That’s somewhat meaningless if you’re stuck on the tarmac without a gate.

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