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Travel Tip: Who Is Actually Traveling to Cuba Right Now?

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Image Source: @InsightCuba on Instagram

Are you thinking about going to Cuba?

The once forbidden destination now tops the list for many travelers as a go-to destination.

Six decades of pent-up interest and curiosity seem to have turned into pent-up demand.

But does that mean you’re all rushing to the airport or cruise ship to go there?

According to a recent survey by Allianz Insurance, while almost half of Americans are now interested in traveling to Cuba, at least 70 percent of them are currently unlikely to do so.

The survey cited safety concerns, a lack of detailed traveler information, and lingering fears about visiting a communist-governed country.

In the survey, 42 percent of Americans say they’d like to visit Cuba.

The U.S. government’s easing of travel restrictions made 35 percent even more interested in legally traveling there.

But the same survey revealed that just 7 percent would be very likely to plan a trip to Cuba.

For Americans, it all comes down to comfort level, and what we want to find when we travel.

That isn’t pushing most of us to book our trips to Cuba…at least not yet.

Only 4 percent of those surveyed said they planned to go this year.

So what do these numbers mean to you?

It’s about how you define yourself, and it proves there’s a difference between tourists and travelers.

Quite simply, if you’re a traveler, you’ll most likely want to go to Cuba…before the tourists get there.

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