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Travel Tip: New Regulations for US Travel to Cuba

Image Source: Insight Cuba

Locations in this article:  Havana, Cuba
Image Source: Insight Cuba

Image Source: Insight Cuba

Recently, on the eve of President Obama’s trip to Cuba, the administration changed the travel rules for Cuba again.

Until now, Americans have been allowed to travel to Cuba and stay with a group at a hotel—for approved educational, research, or people-to-people programs.

The new rules let Americans take individual, unguided trips for supposedly the same purpose.

In reality, the new rules allow for a nod and a wink.

After all, a conversation with a bartender in Havana can be, uh, quite educational.

The U.S. Treasury Department has announced approval to allow Airbnb to market accommodations to travelers to Cuba from around the world.

That’s giving U.S. travelers a wide range of housing options, and helping to turn local Cubans into free traders on the open marketplace.

Right now 4,000 owners of casa particulares—traditional private homes—are now listed by Airbnb.

They’re not just in Havana, but in 40 different cities and towns in Cuba.

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