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Travel Tip: Getting the Most From Your Frequent Flyer Miles Program

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airportIt’s getting harder and harder to redeem frequent flyer miles, and for most of us, harder and harder to earn them.

Most major airlines have gone to a fare-based system where you earn miles based on how much you paid for your ticket, not the length of your flight.

Some airlines have miles expire any time you are inactive for as little as six months.

Others have simply not upped the mileage levels needed for redemption, assuming seats are even available.

But some airlines do a better job with loyalty programs.

JetBlue miles don’t expire, and Southwest has perhaps the best mileage deal.

Earn 110,000 points—which you can do with both flying and credit card purchases—and you get a companion pass for a year.

Every time you fly, your companion flies for free.

That could save you about $10,000 a year.

Here’s the best part.

You can change the name of your companion three times in any one year—just in case your relationship or marriage goes south.

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