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Radio Guest List—The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA—February 13, 2016

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queen maryOn Saturday, February 13, 2016, the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show will broadcast on board the R.M.S. Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Created by the Cunard Line, the ship was named after Queen Mary of Teck, the mother of King George VI. The Queen Mary first sailed on May 27, 1932, and had regular service between London and New York. During her time at sea, the ship carried a range of guests, including those immigrating to the United States, as well British royalty and officials, and some well known actors. Some of the more famous guests include Sir Winston Churchill, King George VI and his family, Fred Astaire, and Bob Hope.

During World War II, the Queen Mary was used as a battleship and painted grey, which earned her the nickname “The Grey Ghost.” Afterward, she was used to transport war brides and their children from Europe to North America until she resumed cruise ship service in 1947. On October 9, 1967, the Queen Mary entered the Long Beach harbor in Southern California, where she was permanently docked and became a floating hotel. Today, the ship is also host to events and guided tours year round.

This week’s radio show guests include Commodore Everette Hoard, who has a thorough knowledge of the Queen Mary‘s history and leads tours. Also joining us will be cruise journalist and historian Peter Knego, who discusses the legacy of the ship and other well known cruise ships throughout history. Julie Bartolotto, Executive Director of the Historical Society of Long Beach, discusses the history of both the city and Port of Long Beach. Joe Brancatelli, founder of JoeSentMe.com, explains why resources such as Uber are a threat to taxicab businesses, but why Airbnb is not a threat to hotels. Keeley Smith, Executive Editor of the Long Beach Post, discusses the city of Long Beach and how it has grown from a blue collar town to a growing city going through a renaissance. There’s all of this and more when the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from the R.M.S. Queen Mary in Long Beach, California on Saturday, February 13, 2016.

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Everette Hoard, Commodore of the R.M.S. Queen Mary, shares some historical anecdotes about the ship, including details about how the chefs would create any dish a guest requested. He also shares an old menu from the Queen Mary’s first year at sea and a program for first class passengers in the Queen’s Salon, where many daily activities were held.

Keeley Smith, Executive Editor of the Long Beach Post, discusses how Long Beach was often seen as a blue collar town, and how that reputation is changing as other businesses move into the city. She also talks about the variety of neighborhoods in Long Beach, and shares her favorite places to eat.

Peter Knego, Cruise Journalist and Historian, talks about the Queen Mary and other famous cruise ships of the past, some of which had legendary personalities who sailed—and in some cases lived—on the ships.

Stephanie Ervin, Content Editor & Social Media Strategist for Peter Greenberg Worldwide and Long Beach resident, discusses hot destinations to visit in 2016, and shares what she loves most about Long Beach—and some facts about the city most visitors might find surprising.

John Thomas, Historical Consultant and Preservation Expert for the Queen Mary, shares his favorite Art Deco details on the ship, and talks about recent and upcoming projects he has overseen to ensure the upkeep of the ship.

Sue Ann Robinson, Director of Collections & Exhibitions at the Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA), discusses the history of the Museum, and explains that LBMA has more artwork created by female artists than most museums around the country.

Joe Brancatelli, founder of JoeSentMe.com, explains how Uber is competing with taxicabs and rental cars for travelers, since Uber makes it much easier to navigate a new city. He also explains why business travelers continue to prefer hotels to Airbnb, which is not a better alternative for those checking in at odd hours.

Sasha Kanno, President, Farmer & Founder of Farm Lot 59, explains how she created a small farm in the middle of a large city, the crops she grows, and how she’s worked with chefs from local restaurants to deliver true farm-to-table cuisine. She also shares how you can visit the farm, and how children can learn about agriculture during field trips to Farm Lot 59.

Julie Bartolotto, Executive Director of the Historical Society of Long Beach, shares interesting details about the history of Long Beach, and discusses how the Port of Long Beach has had an impact on the city.

By Stephanie Ervin for PeterGreenberg.com