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Travel Tip: Apps That Help You Track Weather & Exchange Rates

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app2If you define a successful trip by how much you can minimize the abuse, then a whole new wave of travel apps may be there to help rescue your experience.

Worried about the weather? Try NOAA Hi-Def Radar. It costs $1.99 on iTunes or $2.99 in Google Play.

This app shows radar images from NOAA satellites that cover the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

It only covers the U.S., but it lets you bookmark unlimited locations so you can easily check the radar and forecast.

If you’re exchanging currency and want to stay up to date with exchange rates, you might want to download the XE Currency App.

It’s available on a variety of devices, andĀ gives you real time currency conversions and can simultaneously display multiple currencies.

With this app, you can also compare the real conversion rate with what the money changers at the airport are charging versus local banks.

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