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Travel Tip: Are Free Snacks Returning to United Airlines?

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unitedIf you’re traveling in the back of the plane, at least one airline is trying to make things a little better.

Early next year (and for the first time in a decade) United Airlines is going to offer free snacks to economy travelers.

On morning flights, you’ll get a little dutch waffle filled with caramel.

Later in the day? Pretzels.

United ended free snacks for economy passengers back in 2006.

So for once, we get to go back to the future and actually have a small perk added to our flight experience, instead of the trend of airlines taking everything away and making every item or service on the plane for sale.

Delta already serves free peanuts, and so does Southwest.

But before you get too excited, consider this: the seats aren’t getting any larger .

In fact, on many airlines, the seats are not only getting smaller, they’re adding more of them.

With more passengers crowding onto planes, don’t come too hungry.

Yes, in February United may give you that little caramel waffle in the morning or a small bag of pretzels in the afternoon…but don’t expect seconds.

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