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Travel Tip: Just How Bad is Airplane Food?

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airplaneWe know all┬á the jokes about airplane food, but now let’s address the health aspects of airline snacks sold on board.

A new survey of 12 major airline snack menus by Hunter College at the City University of New York has revealed that most of what you’re eating in the air is not exactly healthy.

But first, the winners.

This year, Virgin America took top honors with the healthiest choices in the sky, with Delta and JetBlue tied for second.

The university awarded its “shame on you” award to Alaska Airlines, Spirit, and Frontier.

Frontier received the lowest health rating. This is based on ten criteria, including health and calorie levels of meals, snack boxes, and individual snack items.

If you’re counting calories in the air, the average is 400 calories per snack item.

On a long flight, that can add up fast.

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