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Travel Tip: Getting Deals With Last-Minute Travel Apps

GrouponGetawaysAppYou may not consider yourself a spontaneous person, especially when it comes to travel. But with the rise of last-minute travel apps, you may just be convinced otherwise.

You’ve heard of Groupon, which gets you discounts for local activities. Well, now they’ve launched Getaways by Groupon.

It’s a whole separate app with flash sales and same-day deals on travel packages and hotels.

Hotel Tonight has been around for a few years and it’s growing fast. The app gets you discounted rates on hotels that are available the same day or a few days from now—broken into categories like “basic,” “hip” and “high roller.”

But, let’s not forget one of the earliest adopters: Priceline.

I understand that not everyone is comfortable opaque booking, where you don’t know what you’re getting until it’s paid for.

But a great way to get into that last-minute travel mindset is to use Priceline for your car rental…because it only works with major brands.

So, when car rental agencies have inventory they need to unload that day, those are the deals getting passed on to you.

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