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Travel Tip: Just How Clean Are Airplanes and Airports?

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airplaneHave you ever stopped to wonder: Just how clean are airplanes and airports? recently sent a microbiologist to collect more than two dozen samples from four flights and five airports.

It found that the dirtiest areas on flights aren’t the bathrooms, but rather, the tray tables!

The seat back tray tables were 195 percent more likely to contain bacteria than the average cell phone, which is known to be 18 times dirtier than your toilet handle at home!

The results found that other filthy places on planes include the overhead air vents, the lavatory flush buttons, and seat belt buckles.

Continuing the flying horror: the study also revealed that the dirtiest places —in airports—are the drinking fountains, and the locks on bathroom stalls.

But there’s possible good news here, because all of these samples from airports and flights tested negative for fecal coliforms, like E.coli.

Smart travelers should bring along hand sanitizer to wipe down all of the surfaces you might touch, including tray tables, arm rests…and even the window shades.

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