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Travel Tip: How You Can Save On Airfare & Hotels in September

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airportSummer’s over, but for smart travelers, September is truly the magic month. Airlines have to fill seats, and that’s when you can save on airfare.

They usually start at the end of August, but in many cases, those airfare deals will last through Thanksgiving…or all the way to Christmas.

Flying between St. Louis and Orlando? In August, the fares average about $352. The day after Labor Day, they drop to $118.

Fly from New York to Houston for $254 in August. After Labor Day? $165.

Same thing with hotel rooms—especially overseas where the power of the Euro has been discounted at least 30 percent against the dollar.

For accommodations, you can save as much as 87 percent in European locations. In Greece? 40 percent. At some locations in Portugal, you can save 87 percent.

For European airfares, you’ll be able to find even better deals.

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