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Travel Tip: Camps & Guided Tours Designed for Female Travelers

solo-travelSummer may be over and the kids may be back from camp, but that doesn’t mean camp is over—especially if you’re a woman.

There are a growing number of organizations planning travel excursions strictly for women.

One company is called Adventure Women, which provides great trips for females over 30. Its guided tours include horseback riding in Ireland and trekking in Nepal, and it just added a trip to Cuba.

Another company called Women’s Quest provides similar options, which it calls retreats. It has cycling tours in Tuscany, yoga trips in Peru and Bali, and surfing in Costa Rica. All of its trips run about a week.

One of the best new entrants is called Campowerment—run by a former television producer, who’s now booked all of her former experts on TV to be experts at the camp. Talk about intense—and immersive.

These trips are offered virtually every month around the world.

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