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Travel Tip: Summer Camp for Grown Ups

groundedIf summer makes you nostalgic for sleepover camp, listen up.

Now there’s summer camp for grown ups, which means you may even get to leave the kids behind.

Camp Powerment is a women-only camp with programs in Malibu, New York’s Catskill Mountains, and Orange Springs in Northern Florida.

This isn’t about sitting around singing kumbaya.

It’s a real, in-depth empowerment retreat for women to reconnect with themselves—not just as someone’s mom, wife, or employee.

In fact, you’re not even allowed to tell people what you do for a living!

Camp Grounded, located in Northern California, has a similar philosophy for both male and female campers: no talking about work.

Campers are even expected to give up their technology for a complete digital detox.

In exchange, you’ll participate in all the traditional camp activities like archery and s’mores by the fire.

But if you DO want to bring the kids along, check out the Dude Ranchers’ Association for resort-style ranches.

Those tend to cater to families, with camp-style activities like campfire cookouts, sing-alongs, and, of course, plenty of horseback riding.

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