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Travel Tip: Travel Gear You Can Use When You’re at the Beach

lifeproof freIf you’re headed to the beach this summer, there are some basic concerns. With necessity being the mother of invention, there’s probably a travel gadget to help you.

One problem is protecting your belongings while you’re in the water. First, leave the valuables in the car or hotel.

But if you must bring your smartphone, Lifeproof makes a waterproof phone case to protect it from the elements.

Optrix makes a floating wrist strap to keep the device attached to you at all times.

Sun protection is another necessity, and long sleeves don’t always cut it. Patagonia has a hooded shirt with ultraviolet protection, so only a fraction of UV rays pass through the fabric.

Plus, since you’ll most likely be far from electrity, consider a portable solar charger. The RAV Power Solar Charger is foldable and can charge your phone or tablet using the power of the sun.

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