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Travel Tip: How You Can Rent a Boat This Summer

boatThe current sharing economy has impacted every area of travel, from people renting out their homes, cars, and now…boats.

That’s right, there are several services that let you rent a boat from the owner, instead of through a charter company. For owners, it’s a way to offset costs when they’re not using the vessel.

Boatbound offers peer-to-peer rentals from registered owners. It can come with or without a crew, and each rental includes up to $13 million in insurance. rents out all types of watercraft in 135 different countries, including yachts, jet skis, houseboats, etc. Plus, renters get $1 million in insurance coverage.

Cruzin includes on-the-water assistance and 24/7 radio support with its peer-to-peer rentals.

Of course, renting a boat is riskier than an apartment, which is why you should always ensure the seaworthiness of the vessel and come prepared with all the necessary skills to take that boat out on the water.

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