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Travel Tip: Use These Boating Apps Out on the Water

boatsBoating safety is serious business, and there are some tools you definitely want to have with you.

One of them is your cell phone! Here’s why.

Most mobile phones now come with a GPS receiver, so an option like Google Maps will work.

But if you’re relying on a cell phone signal or wireless service, you may be out of luck.

Remember, enabling your phone’s GPS will eat up the battery quickly.

For navigating in open water, the Marine & Lakes: USA app overlays nautical charts onto a map database.

If you exit a service zone, the app will have already downloaded, so it can work without a signal.

Another option called iNavX is a popular charting app for the iPhone and iPad.

Then there are the non-navigational options.

One called Boating Suite helps you keep track of boat maintenance, expenses, and fuel use.

Plus, here’s a fun one: The iKnots app is a simple way to learn all the important sailing knots.

The app has animated and written explanations to teach you how to tie the right knots for the right situations.

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