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Travel Tip: What You Need to Know About Hotel Credit Card Hacking

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Credit ­card fraud is no joke, and one of the riskiest places for credit card hacking is in hotels.

The most recent security breach was at Mandarin Oriental hotels, where hackers collected guests’ private credit­ card information. They targeted all of Mandarin’s properties in the U.S., and that may have started as far back as the end of last year.

A couple of years ago, there was a major attack on a management company with franchises like Hilton, Marriott, and Westin. Credit and debit ­card numbers were stolen from guests who used their cards in the hotel restaurants and bars.

Unfortunately, hotels tend to be big bullseyes for credit ­card fraud because of the high turnover, large number of transactions, and often outdated computer software.

Your best defense in this case is a good offense. Use a more secure card with an embedded microchip for travel. Keep a close eye on your statements, and focus specifically on small charges that wouldn’t necessarily be flagged by your credit­ card company as fraudulent transactions.

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