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Travel Tip: Booking Flights Through Apps & Social Media

JetBlue App

JetBlue App

JetBlue App

If you thought booking flights with a credit card was straightforward, just wait until you see what technology the airlines are using now.

JetBlue lets passengers pay for in-flight purchases using Apple Pay on iOS devices. Later this year, it will be connected to the JetBlue app, meaning you’ll be able to book flights with Apple Pay.

Virgin America has partnered with Visa Checkout on its website. Visa Checkout stores your payment information in one place, and anywhere you see the logo, you just sign in to complete the transaction.

Here’s a first: With KLM, you can book a flight on Twitter and Facebook…sort of.

You post a message to social media, and they’ll send you a private message with a link with payment options. Your confirmation is sent as well, via social media. But they haven’t figured out how to complete transactions securely through social media…yet.

Now, I prefer the old-fashioned route of a phone and a credit card, but take this as a sign of things to come.

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