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Travel Tip: Why You’ll See More People at the Airport This Spring

planeIf you think air travel is tough now, just wait. The numbers are showing that air travel this spring is reaching its highest levels in seven years. Here’s what this means for you.

According to the trade group Airlines for America, the number of flyers taking to the skies will reach nearly 134 million this month and next.

That’s not just domestic. More than 17 million of those travelers will be flying internationally.

To accommodate all this traffic, the airlines are increasing the number of available seats by three percent, or an extra 64,000 seats a day.

This good news, overall. It means the economy is improving and people are gaining the confidence to travel again.

But even with the extra seats, this will still most likely lead to congested skies and overcrowded airports.

Why? Because it’s already happening!

My advice? Travel around spring break weeks, not during them. Fly mid-week instead of on weekends, and always book the very first flight out that day—the one that’s least likely to be delayed or canceled.

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