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Travel Tip: Where You Can Sleep During a Layover

Locations in this article:  Chicago, IL London, England

napcabsWhether you have a long layover or you’re in town for a day, it’s tempting to have a place to store your luggage and maybe even take a nap.

Hotels By Day lets you book a hotel room—you guessed it—just for the day. Prices are about 40 percent less than regular room rates, and you can have a room at odd hours, like 10 am to 4 pm.

For now, it’s only in New York and Chicago, and the hotels are in the city centers, not near the airports.

If you’re sticking closer to the airport, napping “pods” are becoming more common.

Munich Airport has the Napcab, which start at about $35. Swipe your credit card for your own private space with a full bed, Internet, and an alarm clock so you don’t miss your flight.

Yotel in London’s Heathrow and Minute Suites at airports in the U.S. also offer sleeping pods.

But don’t overlook Airbnb. These peer-to-peer rentals are all over—including near airports—and they tend to be more affordable than traditional hotels. Plus, as a bonus…you’ll get a kitchen for the day.

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