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Travel Tip: Where You Can Find Snow and Ice Attractions

Locations in this article:  Las Vegas, NV

Ice Hotel JSure, you’ve heard of ice hotels, but those aren’t the only places to get your snow fix. There are some crazy, ice-cold attractions to visit this winter.

In the northern part of Finland, there’s an entire Snow Village. Sure, there’s a hotel, but there are also ice caves and corridors, artwork carved into the ice, and an entire ice restaurant.

Fairbanks, Alaska has an ice museum, where ice sculptures are on display all year round. There’s also an ice bar and even chandeliers made of ice crystals.

How about experiencing winter at sea? Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Escape will have a snow room as part of its spa. The temperature will range between 21 and 32 degrees and snow will actually fall throughout the day.

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas also has an Arctic Ice room in its spa, with a shaved ice fountain and snow falling from the ceiling.

They say that’s good for your circulation and immune system. I’ll trust someone else to test out that theory.

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