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Travel Tip: The History Behind Famous Christmas Trees

rockefellerWe’ve all heard of the famous tree at Rockefeller Center. But there are some other notable Christmas trees around the country that are also a big part of our nation’s history.

Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia focuses on what life was like in 18th century America. Well, guess what? Oversized, decorated trees weren’t the tradition back then.

The first Christmas tree was actually introduced in Williamsburg in 1842. It sat on a tabletop, decorated with popcorn strings.

Today, of course, there’s a huge, lighted tree in the middle of Market Square, but ask anyone and they’ll tell you about the original history of the community’s tree.

Of course, traditional trees as we know them originated in Germany. So, it’s no wonder there are some very special examples in German-inspired towns like Fredericksburg, Texas and Leavenworth, Washington.

But for a taste of real American history, you’ll have to go to a town called Perkasie, Pennsylvania. It’s reportedly home to the oldest tree lighting ceremony in the country, dating all the way back to 1909.

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