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Travel Gear Stocking Stuffers Under $50

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Not sure what to buy for your favorite traveler—or perhaps for yourself this year? There’s a lot of travel gear out there, and sometimes it can get a little expensive. But we’ve found some affordable stocking stuffers for your favorite frequent flyer—without draining your holiday budget.

SwaggerTag – $3.99


The SwaggerTag is one of those rare gifts that is both inexpensive and heartfelt. Instead of using a typical bag tag with your name and phone number, these tags allow you to add a photo so you can bring your family with you on the go. The SwaggerTag comes in blue, green, pink, purple, black, and red.

NomadClip – $39.99

Nomad Clip.png

The NomadClip doubles as both a carabiner and an electronics charger. This useful gadget includes USB 2.0 and Micro USB adapters, which snap back into the foundation of the clip when you no longer need them. Simply plug two devices together to begin charging. Plus, since the NomadClip is made from an engineer quality polycarbonate from Bayer, this gadget can withstand just about everything.

Fitkit Fitness Solution – $39.99



The Fitkit Fitness Solution includes everything needed to keep fit without regular gym access. This handy kit comes with a jump rope, resistance bands, resistance tubes, a door attachment, a pedometer, and a library of over 250 exercise moves you can utilize with FitKit equipment. At only two pounds, it’s also very light, so you won’t add much bulk to your luggage.

Scottevest Blackout Pocket – $20-$40


Scottevest is well known for innovative storage technologies for travelers, and now its introduced a product that tackles a very seldom discussed travel scam: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Scammers can now scan your credit card and cell phone information from your bag, but the Blackout Pocket features RIFD-blocking material to keep your personal information safe and give you peace of mind.

Excel Perfume Atomizer – $20

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.38.46 AM.png

While we may go out and buy travel-sized liquid containers for our essentials, perfume and cologne often end up in the “nonessential” liquid column and get left behind. With the Excel Perfume Atomizer, you can bring your favorite scent on the go. This spray bottle features an automatic pressure control system to prevent leaks, holds up to 50 sprays, and features a volume window, so you know when you run out. The Excel Perfume Atomizer also comes in a variety of colors.

NYC Burger Map – $8


The NYC Burger Map could be an ideal addition to any burger lover’s stocking. The burger map features 41 different iconic burgers around the city, includes a grease wipe for burger mishaps, and is printed on uncoated map stock for durability. Flight 001 carries NYC food maps for Ramen and Donut lovers as well.

Luggage Handle Covers – $11


When we want to make our bags stand out, we often turn to luggage tags, but let’s not forget about luggage handle covers. You can find a variety of patterns and prints on Etsy for all sorts of travelers. Some, like the whimsy birds covers above, are reversible as well, so you can change the print with your mood. Simply snap these luggage covers on your bag to make it stand out. These covers are also machine washable and made with 100 percent cotton.

You Smell Paper Soap – $5


You Smell Paper Soap might seem like an offensive gift, but these little business card-sized sheets will come in handy during long travel stretches. Each packet includes 25 cleansing sheets, each made with natural glycerin and allantoin, an organic nitrogenous compound, to keep your skin smooth, soft, and irritation-free. The You Smell wipes come in both lemon and a simple “fresh” scent.

EcoAmp – $10

ecoamp 2

This gift is great for all kinds of travelers, but particularly for eco-conscious and younger travelers, like college-goers. This foldable device slides onto iPhones and iPads to amplify the sound without the need for electrical power. The EcoAmp is composed of environment series papers, which are made with 100 percent green energy and printed in 24 different designs with soy ink. For a limited time, you can buy two and get one free.

SleepPhones – $39.95

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.28.56 AM.png

Know someone that has trouble sleeping on the plane? They might appreciate a pair of SleepPhones. SleepPhones incorporate headphones inside a cozy headband, so you don’t have to struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position that doesn’t rest on an earbud. You can hook up the SleepPhones to your iPod or MP3 player and enjoy a comfortable listening experience. You can also slide the SleepPhones over your eyes to block out the glare from your neighbor’s reading light.

Shutter HALO – $24.99


If you know someone who wants to take group shots on a cell phone but actually wants to be in the picture, check out the Shutter HALO gadget. This little device syncs with an app in your smartphone, allowing you to click a button and take pictures without holding your phone.

Compression Socks – $25

compression socks

Sitting on an airplane for long periods of time can take its toll on your legs and circulation. These Sockwell Elevation Compression Socks are designed to maximize circulation and minimize fatigue. They even come with a cushioned sole, built-in arch support, and odor control for long trips. If you act now, you can find a range of compression socks on sale.

Selfie Click Stick – $30

click stick

Know someone who wants to take the ultimate travel selfie? The Selfie Click Stick does just that—it holds your smartphone and can extend up to 3.2 feet. It comes with an integrated button, making it easy to take pictures without draining your battery.

Billy Jealousy Beard Kit – $25


Know someone who wants to bring hair and beauty supplies, but gets frustrated with the TSA 311 rule? The website has a variety of products and bags that can fit in a clear zip top pouch and still adhere to the 3 fluid ounce limit. You can find brands such as Dermalogica, Murad, Philip B, and even quirky items such as the Billy Jealousy Beard Kit. It includes beard wash, a bristle brush, and beard control—a perfect gift for your favorite bearded hipster.

Wallet Ninja – $9.99

wallet ninja

The Wallet Ninja looks like a credit card with a lot of sharp edges, but it’s actually approved by the TSA. This little gadget boasts a variety of uses, including bottle opener, screwdriver, ruler, fruit peeler, and cell phone stand.

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