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Travel Tip: Airline Fees May Be Changing…Again

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feesNo one likes those nasty airline fees but, finally, there may be some changes in the pipeline.

Recently, the Department of Transportation proposed that airlines be more transparent about fees. That means disclosing costs like checked bag fees upfront.

That way, airlines can’t entice passengers with what appears to be a bargain airfare, only to charge more on the back end. It levels the playing field.

The airlines aren’t so happy about this. After all, air travel is coming back in a big way.

According to the trade group Airlines for America, at least 210 million fliers will fly U.S. airlines—the highest in 6 years.

With so many people flying, the airlines want to collect as many fees as they can.

Now here’s a surprise: According to the latest JD Power report, Americans are actually more satisfied with the airlines…and do you know what they’re most satisfied about? Costs and fees!

The bottom line isn’t that we’re exactly happy about fees. It’s that we’ve gotten over the sticker shock.

But I’m a fan of transparency, so stay tuned to see if the DOT ultimately gets its way.

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