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Live Your Own Shark Week: 5 Shark Adventures Around the World

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We all love Shark Week, and it doesn’t have to end. You can actually design your own shark adventure—and we don’t mean with just Great Whites. You can dive with Thresher Sharks in the Philippines, see Bull Sharks up close in the Bahamas, and even spot Basking Sharks in Scotland. Here are some great trips that let you see these creatures up close and personal—in their natural habitats.

Thresher Shark Divers: Malapascua, Philippines

thresher shark divers

The Philippines is known for the Thresher Shark, a breed of mackerel shark with a signature two to three-foot tail. A new part of the island called the “Shark Wall” features the most frequent Thresher Shark sightings in nine years. Thresher Sharks are not dangerous to humans, although they can be very skittish. With careful planning and a calm demeanor, divers may even be able to touch the sharks. Other than Thresher Sharks, divers may see manta rays, devil rays, and other species of sharks.

Undersea Hunter: Cocos Island, Costa Rica


This Costa Rican dive is not for amateurs. The dive requires at least an Open Water certification, with the additional specialties of a Deep & Night Diver. Cocos Island is known for its plentiful array of hammerhead sharks, and divers can swim with hundreds at a time. The good news is that this dive site is offering a new option for less experienced divers involving a three-man submersible walk-off/walk-on acrylic capsule.

Bimini Bull Run: Bimini, Bahamas


For a safe dive with guaranteed shark-sightings, head to Bimini, where Bimini Bull Run has an efficient system for catching glimpses of the elusive Bull Shark. Staff will plummet caged divers down near a fish cleaning station that the Bull Sharks visit on a daily basis. The best part: divers do not have to be certified to participate. For an all-inclusive experience, stay the night only a few steps away at the Bimini Big Game Club.

Basking Shark: Oban, Scotland


While most people associate tropical locations with shark-diving spots, prospective divers shouldn’t forget about Scotland. This dive features the Basking Shark, an enormous breed that can grow up to 30 feet long. With up to 130 shark sightings on a single day, a variety of other marine wildlife to see, and a backdrop of stunning, green Argyll, this site will guarantee a unique experience.

Deep Blue Resort: Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras


Utila offers opportunities for divers to swim with the biggest fish in the world: the Whale Shark. With over 90 buoyed dive sites around the island and the second largest barrier reef in the world, divers will have a lot to keep them busy while they scan the water for Whale Sharks. Deep Blue Resort also offers the opportunity to snorkel with these beautiful creatures.

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