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Travel Tip: How to Stay At A Training Hotel

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cornellIt’s one thing to fill out a comment card about a hotel’s services…but what if you could actually make a difference in how things are done?

I’m talking about training hotels, where students are the ones behind the front desk…and at the concierge desk…and in the kitchen…and restaurants.

Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration is one of the top programs in the world. The attached Statler Hotel is where students do their training on the ground. Don’t worry, they’ve got pros working right next to them.

The new Crystal Palace Training Hotel is part of a massive new resort development in the Bahamas. The program was designed to train locals, grow tourism, and keep jobs on the island.

Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University built Hotel ICON as a training ground for its hotel management school.

It’s a five-star hotel, but what’s really cool is that it’s also a research laboratory where they test out new programs and technology.

You can even stay in a prototype “room of the future” and give your feedback—which could actually affect how hotels operate in the future.

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