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Travel Tip: How You Can Get Medical Help at the Airport

Locations in this article:  Atlanta, GA Las Vegas, NV

medicalIt’s one thing to get sick when you travel, but what if you need medical help before you even get on a flight?

In some cases, the airport is exactly where you want to be.

Leave it to Las Vegas to come up with a solution. McCarran International Airport has a medical clinic and pharmacy on site.

Not only can you get first-aid services and travel-size medication, but they even have a so-called “hangover cure.”

We’re talking anti-nausea medication, oxygen, and even a Vitamin B drip.

After all, this is the same airport that has a liquor store at baggage claim.

Don’t let a toothache derail your trip.

For three decades, there’s been an “airport dentist” at JFK and LaGuardia.

He can handle everything from emergency crowns to filling cavities. Yes, walk-ins are welcome.

Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta has the AeroClinic, where they deal with urgent care and other medical conditions.

Just remember, airport medical clinics are just that—clinics.

Real emergencies may require a trip to a nearby hospital. But for health issues that can impact your travels, help may be available just down the hall.

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