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Daily Scoop: The Comfy Cow in Louisville, KY

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The Comfy Cow Ice CreamThe Comfy Cow

Louisville, Kentucky

If you’re looking for something to derail you from your diet efforts, look no further than The Comfy Cow in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Comfy Cow not only offers dozens of different ice cream flavors, but they also offer a wide variety of homemade pastries, pies, and cookies.

For the Comfy Cow Team, making ice cream is an art; it is their passion.

Scooping ice cream is more than just a job for these employees.

This ice cream store started its business with high hopes to give back to the Kentucky community and with intentions to influence its customers in meaningful ways.

In addition to ensuring the product is nothing shy of amazing, the Comfy Cow puts a tremendous emphasis on providing top-notch customer service.

The Comfy Cow’s signature flavors differentiate them from competitors—Black Raspberry Chip is one of the most popular flavors.

They source plump, juicy, and succulent black raspberries from local, family-run farms and then add the world’s finest Barry Callebaut dark chocolate chunks to make a heavenly concoction.

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