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Peter Greenberg Worldwide–Terranea Resort–June 5, 2014

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TerraneaWhen Peter was seven years old, he and his mother flew him to Los Angeles to see his grandparents (his mom was an LA native–back then, one of the few!). Soon after he landed she took him down to Palos Verdes, and to an experience he’s never forgotten, at Marineland of the Pacific.

Marineland is long gone now, and was in fact abandoned for many years. Then, five years ago, Terranea Resort arrived, located in the same exact place with the same amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. And that’s where we’re broadcasting from this week.

We’ll speak with Julia Banning, great granddaughter of Phineas Banning, one of the founders of the Los Angeles transportation system, including the Port of Los Angeles. We will also talk to Dan Crane, the curator of the Point Vicente Interpretive Center, who explains the fascinating history of the pacific coast. And we’ll get the latest (good, bad, and yes, a little ugly) news from Airfare Watchdog Founder George Hobica,

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Check out this week’s guest list, listen to the latest all-local podcast, and stream the full show below.

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